We have experienced the entire filmmaking process as producers, directors, and editors. Initially written on the page, then during production, and finally in postproduction, where films are made or broken. The best filmmakers started there: Robert Wise, Gus Van Sant, Steven Soderbergh, David Lean.

Our Team

Jeff Canavan



As the middle son of three boys, Jeff grew up in San Bernardino, California where his father ascended with a simple AA degree to an executive role for Southern California Edison; his streetlight designs still adorn West Hollywood, CA, to this day. With straight A’s, a salutatorian honor, a slew of scholarships and his father’s substantial support, Jeff was able to attend USC’s School of Cinema/Television in Production, then known as The GEORGE LUCAS/STEVEN SPIELBERG School of Cinema/Television. In Jeff’s sophomore year, he was privileged to study at the University of Kent in Canterbury, England, where he concentrated on Australian Cinema (including the master works of Peter Weir and George Miller), British Cinema in the 60’s, and the life and legacy of Charles Dickens to whom D.W. Griffith attributed with the “invention” of American Cinema as we now know it by using parallel action (i.e., the controversial but groundbreaking Birth of a Nation)

Post-graduation, Jeff’s career started off in the right direction as assistant editor on Frank Darabont’s critically acclaimed The Shawshank Redemption. From there, Jeff worked with long-time collaborator, Peter Berger (Oscar-Nominated for Fatal Attraction) on films including Metro (starring Eddie Murphy), Star Trek IX: Insurrection, Red Corner (Richard Gere), and Save The Last Dance (starring Julia Stiles, which set box office records for a film opening in January).

As sole film editor, Jeff forged a lasting relationship with prolific director Sean McNamara on films including Raise Your Voice (Hillary Duff), The Cutting Edge 2, Bratz, and Soul Surfer (starring Helen Hunt and Dennis Quaid), The Miracle Season (again starring Helen Hunt), before co-editing with Maysie Hoy on Sean’s best film, Spare Parts (starring George Lopez, Jamie Lee Curtis Marisa Tomei, and Esai Morales).

Jeff’s other films as editor include If I had Known I was a Genius (with Whoopi Goldberg and Sharon Stone – official Sundance Film Festival selection), Watching the Detectives (with Lucy Liu, Jason Sudeikis {Ted Lasso}, and Cillian Murphy {Batman Begins, Dunkirk} another featured selection at Tribeca), and finally Josh Goldin’s directorial debut, Wonderful World, starring Matthew Broderick, Michael Kenneth Johnson, Sanaa Lathan, Jessie Tyler-Furgeson {Modern Family}, and Phillip Baker-Hall, which premiered to rave reviews again at Tribeca.

Jeff’s last film as editor, On a Wing and a Prayer (Dennis Quaid and Heather Graham), just set records for Amazon Prime where it remained number one for three weeks beginning Easter weekend, 2023.

After 29+ years in the cutting room, Jeff turned his attention towards producing starting in 2013 when his first producer effort, Return to the Hiding Place, about Corrie Ten Boom and the Dutch Resistance to the Nazis in World War II, swept every Film Festival it played.

In collaboration with Thomas Farrell II, Dave Kennedy, and Brandon Hogan, Jeff also served as Co-Producer and editor on Field of Lost Shoes, (Jason Issacs, Tom Skerritt) which was named BEST DRAMATIC FEATURE at the 2014 G.I. Film Fest in Arlington, Virginia.

On more personal terms, Jeff has never forgotten growing up gay in a culture that was far from as accepting in the 1970’s and 80’s than it is today. He came of adult age during the AIDS crisis and witnessed countless of those horrifying deaths, up close and personal. Putting intentions into action, Jeff became a FOUNDING MEMBER of the expansion of the Gay and Lesbian (LGBTQ) Center into int’s current location on Schrader in Hollywood, CA, in 1994. He is also a proud supporter of LACMA (the Los Angeles County Museum of Art), the new Academy of Motion Picture Sciences Museum next store, and a long-time contributor to the LA PHILHARMONIC and LA MASTER CHORALE.

Susan E Brown is the eldest daughter of Willie Browns' Four Children

Susan E. Brown

Susan E. Brown is the eldest daughter of Willie Browns’ four children, former Mayor of San Francisco, and political powerhouse in California and the USA at large.  She met Jeff W. Canavan at USC’s School of Cinema-Television in the 80s and their friendship has endured and evolved into their creation of a new film development and production company TWO DOGS MEDIA.

Susan graduated from New York University with a BFA in Theater, and subsequently, graduated from  University of Southern California with a Masters of Fine Arts in Film. She has directed and Produced eight acclaimed documentary half-hour films over the course of her creative career.

Susan is a storyteller, dedicated to helping others share their own true experience. Beyond The Fog Radio’s focus is capturing the Oral History of the People who call San Francisco and the Bay Area Home. As the daughter of Willie L. Brown Jr., the first Black Mayor of San Francisco and the Black person to be Speaker of the California State Assembly, Susan is also focused on capturing the oral history of her father’s generation before that history disappears. In 2020 Susan opened Beyond The Fog Radio, a Podcast that she produces and Co-Hosts.  Beyond The Fog Radio has interviewed well-recognized names such as John L. Burton, Judge John Dearman, Art Agnos, Mayor London Breed, and Governor Gavin Newsom, as well as prominent figures in the non-profit arena, artists, chefs, and major players in the realm of sports. Beyond The Fog Radio is partnered with San Francisco Magazine, a national publication.

In addition, for the last 18 years, Susan has worked as Director of Special Projects for the Willie L. Brown Institute of Politics and Public Service, serving as a liaison between the Institute and the Willie Brown Fellowship. This fellowship program gives San Francisco State University students who have experienced extreme hardship the chance to go into public service or politics through a paid internship with the various San Francisco City Government departments. Through her work, Susan is able to help students open doors that allow them to advance in public service and politics and even go on to graduate school.

Susan’s passion for helping others goes hand in hand with her desire to tell people’s stories and is also well-demonstrated in the link below for her “Susan E Brown Photography” which has traveled the world to capture soulful portraits of both the famous and non-famous.


Lindsay photo with Bob Evans

Lindsay D. Mofford

Born in Japan, raised in Europe and the Caribbean, Lindsay Mofford is a versatile Director/Editor with a rich and diverse career in the film industry. She started the journey in Cambridge, MA, collaborating with renowned documentary filmmaker Frederick Wiseman for six years on 8 films, including the notable works “Near Death” and “Missile.” She also designed and created visual multi-media shows for various music performances and for director Tamara Jenkins and producer RJ Cutler.

Simultaneously, she embarked on her directing career, aiming to merge her passion for arts and politics to create impactful statements through film, from the Death Penalty to Nuclear Proliferation (with Representative Edward Markey). She explored historical subjects focusing on early New England puritan women and journeyed to Nicaragua to document social and political changes occurring there.

After relocating to Los Angeles, Lindsay honed her freelance editing skills and worked on several noteworthy projects; first by co-editing the Amnesty International film, “Human Rights Now!” and joining Michael Apted and Phil Joanou for “Age 7 in America,” (an American retelling of Apted’s “Up” series). Her storytelling prowess led her to work on narrative projects for television movies and studio releases, collaborating with esteemed directors such as Michael Bay, David Fincher, Shawn Levy and Phillip Noyce.

In addition to her studio editing work, Lindsay also ventured into independent features, including Thomas Patrick Smith’s “Disturbing the Peace” and the Daniel Baldwin gang epic, “Irish Eyes.” She also made significant contributions to children’s television, serving as a senior editor for over 36 episodes of “The Journey of Allen Strange” and editing the two seasons of the now legendary, “South Of Nowhere.” She also cut the Nickelodeon feature “Alien Vacation” and the Disney pilot, “Laws of Nature.”

Her experience in the realm of cinema verité, learned from Wiseman, proved invaluable in editing various unscripted projects, such as for Displaced Films, including sorting through 450 hours of footage for the PBS follow-doc series, “Senior Year,” and the HBO film on the golden age of comedy writers, “Funny Old Guys.” Also for Hen House Studios which included the documentary “Fatal Charm” and directing “Critical Times,”about the voraciously eclectic band, Fishbone, and a film celebrating the works of the poet Kenneth Roxroth entitled, “The Signature of All Things.”

Among her notable accomplishments, Lindsay completed the award-winning film “Sir, No Sir!” focusing on the GIs in Vietnam. She also co-produced and edited the film “Sasa,” centered around a young Burmese boy’s determination to become a doctor and save his people from persecution. Lindsay completed the narrative features “Sweet Old World,” “Finding Hope” and worked closely with Victoria Mahoney and Amanda de Cabernet on many projects including a Lifetime special on Hillary Clinton and model/actor Noah Mills first film “Wracked.”

Lindsay also has continued to curate art shows and music events, many featuring physically disabled artists, aiming to highlight their exceptional talents and challenge societal perceptions. Much of this work is with the great non-profit, Cohort of Disembodied Artists, including artists like Tucker Stilley, Eric Lowen and Patrick O’Brien (all who suffer or suffered from ALS).

Presently, Lindsay is collaborating with acclaimed visual artists such as Andrea Bowers, Luchita Hurtado, and Suzanne Lacy, creating captivating videos showcased in prestigious galleries worldwide including the Tate Gallery in London, Galleria d’Arte Moderna (Gam) in Milan and the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles.

Throughout her extensive and diverse career, Lindsay has honed her storytelling skills, believing that good movies encompass challenging narratives, emotional depth, educational value, and captivating visuals. Her passion for art, politics, and storytelling has shaped her into an influential figure in the film industry. Lindsay Mofford is a graduate of Emerson College in Boston. She is a member of the IDA, IFP and I.A.T.S.E Local 700.




Web Design & Development, Award-Winning Hollywood Multimedia, and Creative Marketing & Advertising

Originally from California, Michael A. Pace received his education at Santa Monica College and UCLA. While juggling two jobs during his academic pursuits, he began his career at Lorimar-Telepictures (now known as SONY) in the role of a production accountant.

Subsequently, he took on roles at ORION Pictures, followed by a stint at CAROLCO Pictures where he was part of the marketing team for Stallone’s RAMBO series and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s blockbuster films.

Michael began crafting ad copy for Disney, and soon after, JP Advertising recognized his talent, hiring him even before he graduated from college. For four years in Burbank, CA, he oversaw conventional creative advertising design and production, during the emergence of desktop publishing. On two distinct occasions, clients praised him for his contribution to their projects. These accolades made him contemplate his potential and eventually led him to establish EMA Multimedia, Inc. in 1991, recognized as Los Angeles’ first multimedia creative studio.

Thanks to his keen eye for upcoming talented artists, and his dedicated team of up to 30 members, EMA Multimedia, Inc. successfully digitally delivered over 400 interactive home video projects for renowned Hollywood movie studios globally. Their esteemed clientele included Columbia TriStar, SONY Pictures, BMG Music, Sony Wonder, SONY PlayStation, Pioneer, HBO Home Video, New Line Cinema, Universal Home Video, Fox Home Video, Disney, MGM Home Video, and Warner Home Video. EMA was instrumental in pioneering interactive on-screen menuing, motion menus, games, video special features, and other advanced components that bridged disc to web interactions. Recognitions for his work came from Entrepreneur Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter, and Daily Variety, with A/V Multimedia Magazine ranking him #7 in their “Top 100 Producers” in 2001. However, in 2007, EMA concluded its corporate journey, and Michael returned to independent pursuits.

Today, under the moniker “Michael PACE Digital,” he offers a myriad of services from branding creation, digital strategy integration, web design and development, to web marketing promotions.

His niche lies in aiding CEOs and CMOs keen on expanding their brand visibility and sales. Michael boasts a formidable portfolio that includes enterprise-level web ventures for companies like ON24, SPLUNK, GoDaddy Open 2020, HuffPost’s LISTEN TO AMERICA, Carnegie Hall Medal of Excellence, CGI Clinton Global Initiative, Michelle Obama’s “Girls Day” event, Empire Entertainment events, and SONY Pictures Marketing.

As a seasoned creative producer and developer, Michael is adept at hosting and administering large-scale websites, with a proven ability to craft and oversee online web platforms. His strategy for escalating brand awareness and generating sales leads intertwines creative marketing, branding via social media, content creation, and active online presence. Furthermore, he extends his expertise to design projects for print and video, all seamlessly integrated within a broader marketing strategy.

In his downtime, Michael enjoys drone flying, photography, technology, videography, exploring digital trading cards, and blockchain trends, advocating for LGBTQ rights, and spending time with dogs.

One might catch him remarking, “The login and sign-up links should be moved to the top right corner.”

As steadfast friends and colleagues, Michael and Jeff have collaboratively developed marketing strategies and visual concepts for TWO DOGS MEDIA for over a year preceding the website’s launch.




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